About #GoHugMom

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On Saturday, May 19, 2018, as the world’s eyes were on England’s Royal Wedding, a simple Facebook post by freelance writer Lisa Cole reflecting on the non-verbal expression of a mother’s love went viral to the tune of 1.3 MILLION reactions within 24 hours. As the message spread and was copied onto Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms, those new posts also went viral.

In a post edit later that evening, Cole used her voice to encourage others to lift up the women in their lives, dropping a simple hashtag that drives the theme of all her writing: #GoHugMom

In the days following, hundreds of private messages poured in from Sri Lanka, France, Australia, New Zealand, and more, that conveyed a hunger for hope and faith in humanity. Many messages spoke of the cherished memories between grandmothers, mothers and their children. And one message simpler read:

“I was with my mum when I read your post. So I did just that. I hugged her.”

GoHugMom.com is a place to share the real life stories that mean so much to us. Stories of resilience, of courage, and of the magical love between a mother and her child.