Beaver Cleaver and the Lost Watch

So I stopped by my parents this morning and Mom was watching Leave it to Beaver. Pretty sure we’ve seen every episode a zillion times but we all still love watching them. 

It was an episode called “The Lost Watch” (originally aired on 10/30/1958) where Lumpy Rutherford lost his watch, tricked Beaver into thinking it was *his* fault and then blackmailed him into paying $15 for it. Of course the whole premise of the episode was of Beaver’s very childlike misunderstanding of the world at large, fear of getting in trouble, and of his father’s adult disconnection with Beaver’s situation…. resulting in misgiven and misinterpreted advice. 

In the end, after everything is resolved, June-the-Mom goes, 

“You know, it’s really awfully hard being a good parent.”

And Ward-the-Dad replies…

“Yeh. And parents being what they are, it’s really awfully hard being a good kid too.”

❤️ Relevant, Ward. Even in 2017. Very relevant! ❤️