35 Fun Date Ideas Not Involving Food or Film

What are some date ideas for couples that DO NOT involve food or film?
My local playgroup mama friend posed this question the other day on our group’s private Facebook page and there were soooo many great answers! 
I loved the question so I decided to see what you all could come up with. You old married folks remember what dates are right? 💑

Here is my personal fun list. 

These are all very tried and true! 😁


  1. Walk around the mall and make up stories about various people you see
  2. Climb up on the roof, lay back and watch the stars
  3. Go bowling
  4. Sit under a bridge tossing pebbles into the river while talking about the future
  5. Rent a top floor hotel room with a view and have wine and chocolate sauce in the jacuzzi/shower/floor  
  6. Find an old old hidden graveyard out in the country to walk through and talk about the names and who they may have been
  7. Sit on the swings at a park and reminisce about when you first met
  8. Couples massage
  9. Couples pedicure 
  10. Take musical instruments to an old park  and play together at sunset
  11. Kayak, tube or paddle boat down the river
  12. Go fishing 
  13. Hike a trail in a State Forest 
  14. Walk downtown main street and visit the shops
  15. Find a new-to-you park with courts and basketball or tennis, bonus points if you suck at sports like I do
  16. Bike a local park trail
  17. Take a board game to a state park and play together
  18. Wash the car together, ensure loads of suds. 
  19. Walk around the a flea market, see who can find the funniest/wackiest items
  20. Park at the airport and watch the airplanes
  21. Ride out to the rural parts of the midlands past the corn, cotton and cows and visit a quaint little town
  22. Go geocaching 
  23. Visit one of the local garden nurseries and compete to learn the names of as many plants as you can in 30 mins or less
  24. Toss pillows and blankets in the bed of the truck and drive somewhere secluded 
  25. Adult night at a trampoline park
  26. Buy some new candles and play with the wax
  27. Go play in the spring rain showers together 
  28. Grab one of those conversation question boxes for couples, head to the zoo and find a funny spot to sit and answer the questions with each other. 
  29. Walk around the botanical gardens together
  30. Visit the a local Museum of Art
  31. Hit up a large Paintball field and play 
  32. Take a ghost tour downtown
  33. Hit up a local sports game (hockey, baseball, high school, college, farm team, so many choices!)
  34. Attend a free musical concert at the local college
  35. Walk around the library and see who can find the weirdest/funniest books


Who can think of more?

Mommy Needs a Moment

Such a gorgeous day for reading romantic books set in the Low Country and watching kids romp in thick grassy fields!
There is a crow above us in the rustling treetop caw’ing out, a mournful train passing nearby, and the swing chains are humming the song of childhood. The kids are begging to play in the creek hidden behind the lush overgrowth. 


Mommy just needs a moment.

10 Years of Marriage

At 2:00 pm today, Friday, June 17, my husband and I will have been married ten years. It seems forever ago since that day. Yet not. 

A full marital decade is a heck of a lot of daily time spent together. We’ve grown into adulthood side by side. 


Although I may have “changed” the most. He’s been my true constant. My stable rock. I could dedicate a hymn to him even, but Jesus might get jealous. 

Ten years from the day we said “I DO”….

I still love holding his hand. 

He still hugs me tight the moment he arrives home. 

We both cry til we laugh at cheesy TV dramas, and laugh til we cry during How I Met Your Mother binges. 

He’ll cook dinner. 

I wire and install all home electronics. 

He does bedtime and bath with the kids. 

I do morning school drops and all daytime appointments. 

He builds things for me. 

I send off the bills and keep our calendar straight. 

He’s the stable one during emergencies. 

I cut his hair and make sure he gets new socks before his big toe pokes through. 

He’s the best friend I most like to hang with on Friday nights.  

I’m his favorite dinner date. 

His face is stamped on my children. 

My initials are tattooed on his right wrist. 

He’s made me more social and accepting of the world around me. 

I’ve anchored him to a steady port when he once wandered lost. 

We’re best friends. 
We protect each other. 

We annoy each other. 

We rely on each other. 

We spend way too much time time together. Yet still never enough. 

I can’t wrap my brain around marriages where spouses don’t spend a lot of time together. I would implode from the inside out. He would too. We can barely stand to be apart in the evenings! Functionality in life would completely vanish. 

Perhaps we are co-dependent? 

Modern American society claims that’s a bad thing. Is it really?
We aren’t in a fairy tale. 

It’s real life. 

It’s life in a world full of Ashley Madisons and Josh Duggars. 

Sometimes we communicate desires and needs well. 

Sometimes we don’t. 

We don’t have a perfect relationship. We are terribly flawed. We have high highs and low lows. We accidentally hurt each other. 

We’ve crumbled under lofty issues at times and have slowly had to rebuild ourselves again. 

We tell each other the embarrassing things. The hard things. The discussions you don’t want to have with anyone. 

And we’ve talked in depth about the difference in societal ideals of marriage and what reality actually slaps us in the face with. 

And we are both pretty adept at apologizing. 
And then we have real fun together. 

We do really stupid things together. 

And we put up with each other. 

Minute by minute. 

Hour by hour. 

Day in. Day out. 



Ten years down. 

Perhaps we can go ten more. 

He’s is not a social media whore like I am, but he always tells me that he enjoys keeping up with my little daily ramblings. And he says he misses me when I take hiatuses. 

And things I say mean a lot to him. 

Plus his complements on my writing still make me feel like a blushing school girl. 🙂 He still claims he’s my biggest fan. 

He does so many little things that mean a lot to me and he doesn’t get enough credit during the course of a busy day where so often our only conversation revolves around dinner and our 4 kids schedules. 

Therefore I credit him during the quiet moments. So he knows I *still* think of him when he’s away. 

Even after ten years of marriage. 

Because good people deserve credit. 

For in the end, the battles we face in life are far more endurable when we know someone recognizes and appreciates our efforts. 

Awakened by a Motorcycle

Startled awake by Kevin’s 5:15 am alarm, I lay there, with my head buried under the quilt and my back to him, praying that the 16 month old in the crib over by the far wall didn’t awaken. After all, I had just been up with him 2 hours ago.
The man of the house’s wake up routine begins nearly an hour before he actually gets up. Fearful of oversleeping, he insists on having a number of alarms staggered to go off at random times. Occasionally I will snooze right through them but usually I end up elbowing him (or toe’ing him, depending on how far apart we drifted on the king-sized bed that night). Hard.
Right now, the motorcycle alarm is going off. It’s crazy, the cacophony of sounds that echo in the darkness of our room thanks to the wonders of technology. Did you know that besides the motorcycle, iPhone also offers a piano, car horn, and alien invasion even?! Pretty sure the alien invasion terrifies my sleeping conscious the most. Consequently, those mornings that he sleeps through that one, he may awaken with a bruise already forming.

Today it was the motorcycle that got to me though. Something about that blaring engine, so full of life right there beside me in the darkness, taunting, screaming for me to get up and prepare for a new day annoyed me. I despise getting up early. A night owl by nature, I was always promised as a child that when I became an adult, that would change. Mornings would suddenly become relishly delightful, with fluffy squirrels and bluebirds singing broadway with me as I sat with coffee and a banana on the front porch awaiting the rising sun. Apparently, I’m not an adult yet.

I felt the anger rise. How can he just lay there, sleeping so calmly?! Couldn’t he respect my desire to sleep for 2 measly more hours and find it within himself to toss out his arm and pop that screen?! Now! Didn’t he understand that if the baby awoke, somehow our 3 year old would know this? And then she would bring her bright eyed morning cheerfulness into our cozy dark dungeon and shine it upon my wretched tiredness? And then..then….our 5 year old would somehow become aware of the party in our dungeon and bring his smart aleck 4 foot frame in there to bounce on the bed. And me. Like.a.trampoline. And they would talk. Incessantly! (Who talks before 7 am anyway?! Children, thats who.) All of this because of daggum Steve Jobs had this dumb idea to offer sleepers a ridiculous amount of freakishly annoying alarms.

I cocked my leg in readiness, about to sling shot my foot into his thigh when I felt him wiggle. I heard a sigh, felt a weight shift, and the alarm fell silent. The room stilled. A hand snaked under the covers and softly stroked my back. More weight shift. I felt a soft kiss on my hair. He assumed I was still sleeping. The bed emptied.

A couple stumbles later, a soft light flipped on in the master bath. Our room darkened once more as the door closed. Muted sounds of morning routine drifted past me. He emerged, minutes later, dressed in uniform for a job that requires him to work with high voltage electrical currents in all manner of weather and temperatures. He is on call 24/7. He’s never missed a day of work, and his only allusion to complaint would be his rare utterance of “I’m tired today, babe.”

I watched him through slitted eyes in the dim filtered light from the bathroom as he slid his leather belt into place, then gathered up his phone and hat. Tiptoeing to the side of the bed, he reached out to softly pet my hair, bending to lightly kiss my forehead.

And then he walked out of the room, out of the house, into the dark night air with nothing but the twinkling stars overhead for company.